Welcome to vom Huld Dobermanns, where we specialize in training and competing working Dobermanns 

Congratulations to

C-Amos vom Haus Mann IPO3 FH1 VBM VC

(aka "Amos")

the 2017 DPCC Schutzhund Dog of the Year,

​2017 UDC Fall Classic IPO3 Champion,


2018 IDC Weltmeisterschaft competitor in Slovakia!

C-Amos vom Haus Mann is a multiple IPO3, 
world competitor, 2x national competitor, and

2x regional competitor with Multiple High in Trials, High Tracking, High Obedience and High Protection Scores

Huld Working Dogs is focused on preserving and training working Dobermanns. We have had several breeds of dogs but love the Dobermann breed for its loyalty, dedication and trainability. Welcome to our site and learn why we love Dobermanns! 

Our main focus is the sport of IGP (formerly Schutzhund or IPO) and have competed at the regional, national and international levels of IGP competition. 


Working Dobermanns

Huld Working Dogs

Amos earned another IPO3 90-93-93= 276 at the Tri-State Working Dog Club in Warwick NY on June 2, 2018 with SV Judge Daniele Strazzeri. 

This Amos' 6th IPO3 title and he went High Tracking, High Obedience, High Protection, High in Trial.

Amos  is the UDC Fall Classic Champion 2017 and goes High IPO3 Score, High In Trial, High Tracking and High Obedience!